"Good Technology" = Bad Executives
Execs called Susan Vinci-Lucero "bad for business" and "disruptive."
She was fired during chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

Why GoodTechBadExecs?

I'm the former Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Good Technology, a well established Silicon Valley tech firm, and was fired for having Stage 3 breast cancer. That's right. Fired for having breast cancer. After a bilateral mastectomy, an approved work coverage plan while I was recuperating, intermittent work during that time and not a single negative comment about my job performance, I was instructed to go home on my third day back at the office and was then fired.

I'm taking action to right this wrong and hope that nobody else will be fired for engaging in the fight of their lives. 

This site provides information about the legal aspects of my journey and will also include insights into my personal battle. Check back often for updates on both.

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